Newsticker…Lovebirds Couple Hunt und 70 -75 % Sale by Bewitched Hair & HOH

lovebird couple hunt

Hier habe ich noch was gefunden für Euch. Diesmal ein Hunt für Paare. Der Hunt ist am 15. August gestartet und endet am 15. Sept. 09

Start ist hier ….klickt auf das Zeichen mit den 2 Herzen und Ihr bekommt die nächste Landmark und die Beschreibung zum Hunt.

Original English from Notecard:

What the Hunt is about: There’s several hunts out there for women and now some for men only. How bout one you can do together without the prizes being skewed toward one gender? That’s what this hunt is all about.
A hunt that is meant for couples to get together and have fun and get some wonderful things for both of you or that can be used by both together.

When will the hunt start?  It starts midnight SLT August the 15th and goes to midnight SLT September the 15th.
There is also a hunters group for help during the hunt or if you need more information.  To join, go to any participating store, click on the sign and then click on the link in local to get to the group.

Why participate in this hunt?  This is a hunt that is meant to be shared with that special someone in your life, to enjoy, have some laughs and get some great things together.   Also, many of the gifts that are in our hunt are exclusive only to this hunt by our very talented creators!

Start here


Dann hab ich noch ein Haar Sale!!

Bei Bewitched und HOH House of Heart bekommt Ihr 70 – 75 %

Bewitched Hair

House of Heart


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